In June 2021, the Cuca de Llum is inaugurated. Find out all about the latest version of the Tibidabo funicular and how it becomes a leading sustainable collective transport project! The new funicular is taken from Plaça Doctor Andreu and is included in all ticket types.

The new funicular of Tibidabo

What is the Cuca de Llum like?

The Cuca de Llum has an advanced and innovative design that frees up space inside and increases its capacity to 252 passengers per trip. The new vehicle is faster - the journey time is reduced to 4 minutes - and offers a better experience and entertainment to the users. The new design also allows you to enjoy a panoramic view of the entire journey through the large windows and offer new educational content through screens and electronic tablets located inside the vehicles.


The interior of the funicular is freed up, enabling a greater surface available and becoming a diaphanous space that offers greater visual permeability inside. The interior lighting has also been improved, and more emphasis is given to the exterior lighting, which follows a more modern and futuristic line, and which enhances its effect when it gets dark.


Through its large windows, visitors can enjoy the landscape and discover the natural environment of the Serra de Collserola and the animal and plant species that inhabit it.

In detail




  • Elevation above sea level at the lower station: 221.6 m
  • Elevation above sea level at the top station: 500.2 m
  • Horizontal length: 1090.6 m
  • Elevation: 272.1 m
  • Length according to the slope: 1124.2 m
  • Average slope: 25%
  • Track width: 1400 mm


Traction cable


  • Cable Type: Warrington Seale Compact
  • Traction cable diameter: 40 mm




  • Main engine rated power: 806 kW
  • Diameter of the drive pulley: 3200 mm
  • Auxiliary engine power: 140 kW
  • Maximum operating speed with the main engine: 10.0 m/s
  • Evacuation speed with the auxiliary engine: 1.2 m/s




  • Total number of vehicles: 2
  • Maximum vehicle capacity: 252 people
  • Empty vehicle weight: 30 tons

The fastest and most sustainable way to climb Tibidabo


One of the four axes of Tibidabo is sustainability. With the inauguration of the Cuca de Llum, the new funicular, we are committed to sustainable mobility towards the top of the mountain. The new funicular allows all visitors to climb Tibidabo in just 4 minutes, becoming the fastest and most sustainable way to reach the mountain. In addition, it offers a unique experience where you can enjoy the views of the city of Barcelona and the Serra de Collserola while ascending to the top.


The new funicular is included in all types of tickets and TibiClub passes. It also offers individual boarding and disembarking tickets. You can check all the rate options here.


In addition, the funicular is added to the different route options we offer. Thanks to its speed, efficiency and comfort, we recommend you to come to Tibidabo using it. Check how to get to Tibidabo here.



Interview with Josep Miàs


Discover in an exclusive interview with Josep Miàs, (MIAS Arquitects, architecture and design of the Cuca de Llum) what is behind its creation.


How was the Cuca de Llum built?


In September 2019, the old Tibidabo Funicular is removed and work begins on the new mobility project. With a comprehensive renovation of the infrastructure of the tracks and the lower and upper station, the new vehicle is installed in March 2021. Three months later, in June 2021, the Cuca de Llum is inaugurated. The new funicular opens its doors to all Tibidabo visitors.


Watch the videos below and find out how the project was carried out.




The project of the new Tibidabo funicular, with the collaboration of MIAS Arquitects and LEITNER, has been recognized internationally.


The following awards have recognized the excellence of the Cuca de Llum project:


  • International Design Awards: Sustainability, Green Architecture Design, Sustainable Infrastructure Design (2024)

  • LOOP Design Awards: Landscape/Urban Design (2023)

  • DNA Paris Design Awards: Infrastructure and Transport Category (2023)

  • Architizer A+ Awards: Sustainable Transport Category (2023)

  • Dux Awards: Sustainability Category (2022)

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