Tibidabo Amusemenr Park is part of Barcelona de Serveis Municipals. BSM is a trading company wholly owned by Barcelona City Council.


BSM’s mission is to improve people’s quality of life, creating positive experiences for building a healthy and leading Barcelona. Its management model rests on four cornerstones: providing added-value services for the city and its resides; putting people at the centre, with a special focus on customers and developing talent; continuous improvement and permanent adaptation, putting special emphasis on digitalisation and innovation; and economic and environmental sustainability, invariably seeking a balance between economic and social return from investments.


BSM is a benchmark and pioneering in the field of mobility, culture and leisure and looking after public spaces in Barcelona.


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Vision, purpose and values

Values of the Park



Our work excites us. We share and spread our enthusiasm with a positive, optimistic attitude. We have the freedom and active commitment to drive improvements through our opinions, ideas, thoughts and constructive criticism. We use this honestly and responsibly.

Passion for people


We look at things from the customer’s perspective and demonstrate that we are service-oriented, flexible and respectful towards customers and colleagues. We establish solid relationships based on friendship and collaboration. Likewise, we are a team - which means we respect, recognize and appreciate each other.



We ensure and prioritize the safety of all. We rigorously and strictly comply with working instructions.



We share a sense of unity and cohesion based on common goals. We care about the environment, society and our colleagues. We work on social projects and initiatives, support and work on cause-related projects, and support disadvantaged groups.



Our intention is to align our goals with those of the company and show pride in being part of Tibidabo. We show commitment and make the maximum effort.