If you have any questions regarding your visit, it is very likely that you will find the answer on this page. If you can't find it, we invite you to contact us here.

You can consult the opening calendar of the Amusement Park and Tibidabo Panoramic Area here.

Check all the types of ticket entry to Tibidabo here.

Yes. To take advantage of this entry type, it is essential to present the certificate of disability, or the card certifying the disability, together with the ID or passport at the Park ticket offices. Check all the types of ticket entry to Tibidabo here.

Yes. People over the age of 60 have a discount on the entrance fee. To take advantage of this discount, they must present their ID at the ticket offices. Check all the types of ticket entry to Tibidabo here.

Yes, the attractions of the Panoramic Area accept individual tickets that you can purchase at the box office. Check all the types of entry to Tibidabo here.

To access the Amusement Park, it is necessary to purchase the ticket for the Amusement Park or the Panoramic Area. If you only want access to the Panoramic Area, without access to the attractions, access is free. People over the age of 60 can purchase a free ride ticket at the Park ticket office. Check all the types of entry to Tibidabo here.

All tickets, except for the Panoramic Area tickets and visitor tickets, allow access to all the attractions and shows offered by the Park, as long as the person's height allows it. Check all the types of entry to Tibidabo here.

For sporadic and one-off promotions, stay tuned on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok channels. See all the active promotions here.

The rides have height restrictions because they follow certain safety rules.

Children under 90 cm can access some attractions, as long as they are accompanied. Check the heights of all attractions here.

For safety reasons, pregnant people can only ride on some of the Park's attractions. You will be able to find out the restrictions of each attraction on the information totems at their entrances.

Yes. You can obtain this information from the information totems located at the entrances to the same attractions.

In case of rain, there are attractions that, for safety, do close.

The TibiClub is an annual pass with which you can enjoy all the attractions and shows, the Amusement Park and the Panoramic Area, unlimitedly for 12 months. In addition, you can enjoy exclusive benefits and advantages inside and outside Tibidabo, such as:

  • Free Funicular Cuca de Llum
  • Free TibiBus
  • Discounts inside the Park (15% in shops and restaurants)
  • Discounts in other leisure centers (PortAventura World, Zoo Barcelona...)
  • Discounts on extra tickets
  • Exclusive activities


Know all the information here.

Yes. You can discount the amount of the day's tickets by presenting the box office ticket, as long as:


  • No more than 30 calendar days have passed since the date of purchase of the tickets
  • Only the tickets of people who will be part of the TibiClub contract will be discounted
  • The registration fee is not discounted


To register with a discount on your tickets, you must do so in person at the TibiClub office (next to the Talaia) or at the Tibidabo Store.

The Tibidabo Panoramic Area is an area with free access where you can enjoy some of the Park's most emblematic attractions and the best views of the city of Barcelona. Check all the types of entry to Tibidabo here.

No. This area is freely accessible and you can walk around for free.

You can check the various ways to get to Tibidabo here.

Yes. Through this link you can reserve a parking space and thus ensure a place to park, as long as there is availability.

Yes, as long as the hygiene and safety of the other users of the Park is respected, and the picnic area is used. The picnic area is located in the Panoramic Area, next to Beyond. It is not allowed to have a picnic in the areas reserved for consumption in the Park's own restaurant centres.

No, except for guide dogs for people with visual functional diversity.

If you want to smoke, you will find several areas where you can smoke. Consult the map of the Park to locate these spaces.

Yes. We have two elevators that cover all levels of the Park. All visitors with a ticket to the Park can use this service, but they have preference:


  • Strollers
  • People with functional diversity
  • People of the third age
  • Pregnant

Practical tips

  • Park your vehicle in the BSM Sant Genís-Vall d'Hebron car park and access Tibidabo in the fastest way with the TibiBus and the Cuca de Llum (the new funicular, from Plaça Doctor Andreu). The funicular and the TibiBus service are included in all ticket types. Learn about the different ways to get here.

  • Buy your tickets in advance here and redeem them at the box office.

  • Check the validity of the promotions or discounts available to you.

  • In case of access to Tibidabo by private transport, book a place in the Top of Tibidabo car park here.

  • Check the height of the children (with shoes) before accessing the attractions.

  • Follow us on Tibidabo's social networks to keep up to date with all the news (@parctibidabo).

  • Consult the rules of use of the Amusement Park here.