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Tibidabo Obertura

An exciting year, a Tibidabo year!

We are opening the new Tibidabo season on March 2nd! 🎉
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It's time... ⏰ The Tibidabo Amusement Park inaugurates the new 2024 season next March 2!


With more than 681,000 visitors, more than 806,000 users of the Cuca de Llum and more than 21,600 TibiClub families, the year 2023 was an unforgettable year. A year in which we inaugurated new experiences such as Beyond or the Roller Coaster with Virtual Reality. A year in which we experienced new shows and activities such as the Wilhelm Freak Show or the improved Sustainable Ice Rink. A year in which we hosted some solidarity, sports, cultural and educational days. A year in which many things happened.


But 2024 will be an even more unforgettable year... It will be an exciting year, a Tibidabo year!


And we have a lot of news to share with all of you! And a very important one... But we'll have to wait a little longer. 😉


But for now, you can start organizing your visit to Tibidabo.



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The opening calendar for the 2024 season is now available here. Organize your visit and book your ticket now!


With your Amusement Park ticket, you can enjoy all the attractions, shows, activities and restaurants of Tibidabo for a day. In addition, it includes a return trip with the Cuca de Llum, the new funicular (from Plaça Doctor Andreu).


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The TibiClub is the Tibidabo annual pass with which you can enjoy all the attractions and shows unlimitedly for 12 months. In addition, you can enjoy exclusive benefits and advantages inside and outside the Park.


Choose your modality (168 €, all family, all year) or individual (60 €, all year), discover the benefits, join and enjoy the magic of Tibidabo as many times as you want!


Know more here. Sign up now and enjoy the entire 2024 season!


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